Bus Simulator

Creanex Bus Simulator provides an efficient and safe way to learn and practice driving skills. Our simulator includes a variety of versatile exercises that proceed from easier tasks to complete work cycles ensuring consistent training. Completing the training modules provides the driver with real hands-on experience. Creanex virtual city offers an excellent environment for training. The city includes all the most important traffic situations, unmarked crossroads, marked crossroads and controlled crossroads. You can also find multiple lanes, one-way streets and stop signs from the city. Other traffic will follow the traffic rules.


  • Versatile training environment

  • Includes numerous carefully designed exercises

  • Comprehensive performance reports


Training software

The simulator has been designed to cater for the individual progress of each student. Our SimTrainer training software provides instructors with a ready-made training framework that allows easy follow up of each student’s advancement. The training package includes over 50 complete simulator exercises that develop all the necessary competencies. Instructors can also create their own exercise cases to train specific skills. Read more about SimTrainer here.



The Bus Simulator collects data of all user actions, analyzes it, and produces a report of the success. The performance will be scored by multiple criteria. The instructor is able to see the main results at a glance and use the data to further personalize the training, adjust the requirements and create new exercises. One of the benefits of the simulation training is that it offers a lot of feedback that could not be retrieved from a real machine.


The bus simulator handles and controls



The simulator handles can be swapped easily without tools, so the same platform can be used to train on other Creanex machine simulations. Ask Creanex for more info about the compatibility!


Motion platform

The simulator can also be equipped with a motion platform. Read more about our platform here.


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