Creanex in Taitaja2018

This year the annual Finnish national skills competition was held in Tampere. Creanex participated in the event in co-operation with Volvo, DB Schenker, and During the four-day event, visitors had the possibility to freely test our multimachine simulators and to get information about jobs in the field of logistics.


Taitaja2018 event took place in Tampere’s Exhibition and Sports Center 14-17 May 2018. During these days hundreds of students had the chance to present their workmanship by competing in over 40 different skills. In addition to the competition, Taitaja event is always an excellent place for young people to gain knowledge about different crafts and familiarize themselves with companies working in various industries.


Taitaja2018 messuosasto

Our smart-looking fair stand worked also as a hang out area where visitors were able to charge their smartphones. They also had a chance to visit the cabin of the truck.


The two Creanex Multimachine Simulators were displayed on stage inside of a Volvo truck where visitors were able to test them freely. Simulators attracted a lot of interest and many were eager to get to the driver’s seat. The simulator with motion platform was for driving a full trailer combination exercises while in the other people could train their excavator, forklift and wheel loader handling skills.


Eveliina kuljettajan kanssa

Eveliina posing with our stand’s most frequent visitor


It was easy to see how the young drivers were motivated by the performance reports. Everyone wanted to top their friend’s score so they were eager to do well on the vehicle handling exercises. Creanex SimTrainer offered comprehensive feedback about the performance so the driver was able to clearly recognize what went wrong and had a better chance to do better next time. The exercises weren’t easy for inexperienced drivers and it was great to see how even the youngest drivers got great scores after practicing and revising the reports. All in all, the event was a great success and we eagerly wait for what next year’s event will bring!


Joonas opastaa kuljettajaa

Joonas instructing a colleague driving a full trailer combination simulator