Creanex SimTrainer can now be linked to Workseed

Many educational facilities have adopted simulator training as an integral part of their curriculum. While it brings undeniable benefits to training, results vary by schools.


One critical factor affecting the success is the integration of the simulator to schools’ systems. Because of the reform of vocational upper secondary education, teachers’ time to focus on the individual student has been reduced and simulators need to be able to effectively link to other systems and official qualification demands. Creanex simulators are being developed constantly and offer effective solutions to these challenges.

Creanex SimTrainer teaching management software facilitates the job of the teacher by providing better tools for designing and implementing the curriculum. With SimTrainer performances can be assessed afterward and tracking pupils development is easy. Simulator training supports self-study and SimTrainer offers comprehensive feedback on performance immediately after it is completed. This way students can analyze their own performance and skill development independently.

SimTrainer can now be linked to Workseed, a cloud service for assessment managing and learning. The interface has already been taken into use at Riveria’s vocational forestry college Valtimo. By combining the systems teachers are able to quickly form a clear picture about the progress of the individual student and they do not have to use valuable time on jumping from one system into another. The different areas of studies are clearly visualized in Workseed and the pupils can also follow their own progress. Real-time information about the progress of their studies and clearly presented learning path encourages students to work towards their goals.


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