Helsinki Vocational College Upgrades to Virtual in Logistics Training

Helsinki Vocational College is one of the biggest vocational education and training providers in Finland with approximately 15 000 students. Since August 2015 the students of logistics have begun their practical training for all vehicles, fork lifts, excavators, loaders and log trucks with Creanex simulators.


”These simulators provide a firm basis for using all the different machines. They develop the necessary competences and hand eye coordination,” said lecturer of Technology and Logistics Jukka-Petri Mäkeläinen.

Mäkeläinen says that a simulator environment is the perfect tool for introducing the basics to the students. ”The simulator training programs help the students to practice progressively and always on their personal level in a safe environment. It’s okay to topple a work machine over in a simulation. ”


No More Unnecessary Waiting

Real machines are used just as much as before, but the simulators provide extra safety, and more meaningful exercises. ”The students can now practice on the simulators instead of waiting for their turn on the real machine. Everyone gets much more practical training and gets to drive the machines right from the get go. We also don’t need as many instructors as before, which provides savings,” adds Mäkeläinen.

According to Mäkeläinen, the simulator environment is a natural learning tool for students today. ”The students are eager and motivated to train on the simulators”.


Not a Single Detachable Part

Due to the large amount of users and constantly varying needs, an especially important criterion when choosing the simulators was that they support multiple machine types. ”We required that the equipment can simulate many different machines without the need to switch between parts.”

The acquisition process began in 2015. ”We tested machines from several providers, with the help of which we refined our requirements. We called for bids and acquired the machines just in time for the beginning of the new study year,” said Mäkeläinen.