Multimachine Simulator

Machine operation skills should be developed systematically and gradually. The Creanex multimachine simulator is an easy-to-implement solution designed to do just that.


Creanex virtual training environments facilitate and enhance training in a meaningful and cost-effective way. Machine operation skills can be trained in a true-to-life environment without the risk of damaging machinery or environments. All the controls and functions are identical to real machinery and the sounds, visual effects, and even force feedback can be included in the simulation. Everyone wants to teach and learn with these devices!


Training tool that motivates both the students and the teacher

Creanex training simulation was designed to facilitate the work of instructors and help them keep students motivated during training. The training simulator includes a variety of versatile exercises like work cite exercises, machine control exercises and individual operations such and loading and unloading where you can practice specific skills. By repeating the exercises students can gain self-confidence and improve their skills.


Consistent training

Machine operation skills should be developed systematically and gradually and that is why we have created Creanex SimTrainer. Creanex SimTrainer is a unique teaching management tool integrated with the simulator. It provides the trainer with an easy way to build a clear framework for teaching and makes it easy to follow the progress of each student individually. Students can be divided into units and each unit can be assigned their specific training modules. With SimTrainer you can set clear objectives and give detailed instructions on how the exercises must be completed. The result reports are logged and may be reviewed later. Students can also be assigned personal log keys so the simulator identifies them and navigates to the next exercise in the program. With SimTrainer the training becomes interactive and easily manageable.


Training simulator can be equipped with one or more of the following machines:


log truck simulator link

harvester simulator link

wheel loader simulator link

tractor simulator link

crane truck simulator link

excavator simulator link

full trailer combination simulator link

dumper simulator link

Controls and handles

Authentic controls and handles ensure an easy switch between the simulator and an actual machine. Simulator controls and handles can also be easily changed so the same simulator can be used to train multiple machines. Swapping the handles is easy and can be done in under 15 minutes!


Multimachine simulator offers the following controls and handles depending on the chosen machines:

Motion platform

Creanex multimachine simulator offers a possibility for 2DOF motion platform. Platform’s fast reaction time and extensive tilt and pitch angles offer authentic touch for all the machines. High-quality components ensure a long lifetime and robust feel for the platform.