Creanex is a part of Gofore Group

Area of specialization: Mobile work machinery

Services: Solutions for enhancing the technology of work machinery and the operators’ skills, and enabling tests on machines and control systems

Performance: Comprehensive expertise in all areas of mobile work machinery development – planning and implementation of overall solutions, mechanics, power transmission, sensoring, and measuring

Methods of management: Development projects and individual assignments

Power transmission: Innovative leverage to meet customer needs

Speed and pace: Prompt attention, controlled advancement, reliable schedules

Communication: Direct and up-to-date; information sharing, possible corrective action taken without delay

Main characteristics: Solution-centered, ears to hear, eyes to see, ability to ask

Special feature: Ability to see the wood for trees and the trees in the woods

Launched: 2003, constant updating in the development of expertise and products

Team: Agile and unified, with experienced key persons and fresh ideas

References: Long cooperation with leading global companies

What Does Creanex Offer Its Customers?

It does not pay to do everything yourself. We offer our assistance to manufacturers of mobile work machinery where our expertise is strongest: development of ideas, planning, testing, and training – always according to the needs and situation of the customer. Our expertise is based on thorough knowledge of work machinery, understanding of systems, and an overall view.

Simply: We make life easier for our customers and their operations more effective. Our expertise comes with an attitude to take a stand and come up with even bold alternatives. We are known for handling demanding projects with leading global work machinery manufacturers.
Each Creanex customer will have our best expertise at their disposal and a select group of specialists who are accustomed to working together and finding solutions.