Training Environments for Schools

Creanex offers next generation work machine training solutions for schools in the fields of excavation and logistics. Studies show that productivity between drivers can vary 20-40% due to the differences in driving and work planning skills.

Training Environments for Schools

Virtual Training Environment an Effective and a Safe Way to Learn

Our virtual training environments facilitate and enhance training in a meaningful and cost effective way. You learn the exact skills needed in the real life, but all possible damage to the machinery and environment are virtual. Everyone wants to teach and learn with these devices!

Development with learning in mind

Creanex training simulator design always has a pedagogic foundation. Learning is always the most important aspect. Our goal is that it is as easy as possible to integrate the simulator as par of the training. Facilitating the work of the instructor and motivating the student with diverse exercises are important parts of simulator design. The exercises are created to meet the requirements of the training and are always project specific.

No shortcuts to learning

The skills to control and use machines have to be built systematically. The training simulators come with programs and exercises for learning machine control, work techniques and work planning. All students have personal log in keys with which the simulator identifies them and guides them to the correct exercises and programs. These programs include work cite exercises, machine control exercises, and individual work steps such as loading and unloading. With the simulator you learn by doing, and remember, practice makes perfect.

Creanex takes work planning to a new level

The training simulator is an environment in which you train the use of the work machine in a situation as close to reality as possible. All the controls and functions of the simulator are identical to the ones in the actual work machine. The sounds, visual effects and even force feedback can be included in the simulation. The simulated terrains can be designed and built based on the requirements of the various training situations.


TruckX© Safe and Effective Way to Learn to Control Large Vehicles

Creanex logistics simulator TruckX© is the next step in driving training. Comprehensive training packages and authentic virtual training environments make effective training possible. Diverse and visually detailed modeling of the work environment together with exact simulation creates an authentic feel to the work.

Training tool that motivates both the students and the teacher

Creanex logistics simulators are designed to meet the objectives of the training. Diverse exercises and multiple repetitions turn students into professionals. Only repetitions improve the confidence and skills the student. You can effectively learn to maneuver a large vehicle in a restricted space in a simulator environment where many different situations can be simulated. As the student develops, the simulator can raise the requirements of the exercises.

SimTrainer facilitates the work of the instructor

SimTrainer is a unique teaching management tool that can be integrated with the simulator. You can build a clear frame work for training and you can follow the progress of each student with SimTrainer. The SimTrainer exercise bank includes 50-80 ready to use simulator exercises.


Picks up where traditional simulator training leaves off!

Towards a Complete Simulator Training

SimTrainer is a tool developed by Creanex for the management of training and exercise results. With SimTrainer you can organise training into units and monitor the progress of the students.

Even the best simulator needs an instructor with a solid teaching plan. The content of the training will determine how well the students learn. With SimTrainer, the training becomes interactive and easily manageable.

Feedback is an important part of learning

With SimTrainer you can set clear objectives and give detailed instructions on how the exercises must be completed. The result reports of the exercises are logged and can be reviewed, including data that you would not be able to get from the actual work machines.

SimTrainer completes the training system.

  1. Divide the contents into units when necessary
  2. Easily group students
  3. Create different study programs for different groups
  4. Create personal log in keys for students
  5. Link the training material and simulator exercises to training periods
  6. Manage and monitor student’s results and progress
  7. Raise the difficulty of the exercises progressively
  8. Analyze exercise data and give feedback
  9. Score exercises with various criteria
  10. Facilitate self study with a clear frame work and a consistent progressive study plan