Creanex Simulator displayed in Metsä Group’s Pro Nemus visitor center

Metsä Group’s Pro Nemus visitor center was opened in Äänekoski mill area in June 2018. The modern and impressive building is home to an exhibition where one can explore the Metsä Group´s operations, products and the opportunities offered by the bioeconomy in interactive and innovative way.


Pro Nemus offers visitors a lot of new experiences, one of them being an opportunity to test one’s machine operator skills with Ponsse Forest Machine Simulator created by Creanex. While machine operating skills are usually gained during several years of training, visitors will only have around ten minutes to learn the basic functions of the machine. This was a challenge to which Creanex came up with an effective solution.

It was clear from the beginning, that the visitors needed to be able to gain necessary machine operator skills quickly – even without any earlier experience of handling a forest machine. This was accomplished by displaying well-designed instruction videos on the simulator’s smaller screen. On the videos, the functions and movements of the handles are demonstrated in detail and they guide the visitor through all the exercises. The simulator includes four different exercises. The easier ones do not require the use of the machine’s control system but the two more complex ones do. Because of its comprehensive features, our simulator enables independent deployment in a whole new way while providing visitors with a realistic image of forest machine operator’s work.


The smaller screen displays the instruction video.


The simulator is located on the first floor of the exhibition near the main hall and it is displayed artistically inside a plywood-made dome. Nature has been a powerful source of inspiration for the design of the whole visitor center.


The plywood dome


The centre will be open to forest owners, customers, students and other stakeholders invited by Metsä Group.


More information about Pro Nemus can be found from Metsä Group’s website.


Photography: Metsä Group