Sandvik training simulator for Toro™ underground loader


Creanex and Sandvik Turku Loading and hauling division have a long cooperation on simulators for control system product development and testing. In 2020 this cooperation expanded to cover training simulators and at the end of 2020 Sandvik launched The Digital Trainer – LH training simulator for Toro™ LH517i and Toro™ LH621 loaders (Sandvik www-article). Several simulators have already been delivered to customers and the simulator will be presented to a wider audience for the first time at the MINExpo International trade fair in Las Vegas on 13.-15.9.2021.


Digital Trainer – LH Cabin


Digital Trainer – LH simulator’s cabin version is an authentic cabin environment equipped with high performance motion platform. The machine controls and user interface are identical to the ones used in the actual machines, making the transition between simulator and the machine as easy as possible. Digital Trainer LH Loader Simulator is also available in lighter console model, LH – Portable.


Digital Trainer – LH Portable


Simulated loader is controlled by the same control system as the real one. The user interface is loader’s authentic 7” touch screen, but the other embedded control units work in a virtualized way. For the user, the system functions the same way as a real machine, but without any electronic control modules. The virtualization is based on a Soft PLC solution developed by Creanex, which can be adapted to different systems in cooperation with the manufacturer.

Simulator provides a realistic and safe training conditions for operators in all skill levels without the risk of damages. Learning the machine functions and controls thoroughly increases productivity and training can be started even before the actual machine arrives to a worksite. More experienced operators can use the simulator to practice new more efficient working methods and develop processes. When different features and settings of the control system can be studied and tested with a simulator, it allows the actual machine to be utilized simultaneously in productive work and the maintenance and adjustment of the machines can be carried out efficiently by skilled personnel in the field.

Digital Trainer – LH simulators offer a variety of tools for trainers to maximize the benefits of simulator training. Training management application SimTrainer helps to organize the trainings and provides an easy way to follow-up the progress of the trainees. The training process can be customized for each trainee depending on their skill level and development areas.

The Digital Trainer also includes a trainer interface through which the trainer can monitor the trainees during sessions. The interface is accessed through external display attached to the simulator and it can be placed next to the simulator. Trainer interface provides the trainer a comprehensive way to control and supervise training:

  • Set up exercises for the operator trainee to complete
  • View performance reports
  • Monitor the data on the control system display through VNC remote connection
  • Activate pre-defined machine maintenance faults in the simulated machine system
  • Observe how trainee operates the machine during training


Unexpected situations can be generated easily to prepare the trainees for real life work. For example, various engine alarms can be activated for the simulated diesel engine and the status of  a measuring sensor can be set to incorrect, thus illustrating how they affect the operation of the machine and its control system. Both versions of the Digital Trainer ­ LH simulator also include simulation for the fire suppression system. Learning the procedures needed in emergencies is vital and improves the safety of the operator and other personnel on-site.


Digital Trainer – LH Cabin

  • Realistic cabin environment with adjustable seat and arm rests
  • Motion platform with two electrical linear actuators
  • Authentic control panels, 7” touch screen, joysticks and pedals
  • High-performance integrated simulation computer
  • Three 32” Full HD displays that provide front, side and rear view similar to what can be seen from cabin windows
  • Desktop monitor for trainer interface

Digital Trainer – LH Portable

  • Console with transport case
  • Authentic control panel with 7” touch screen and control switches, table mountable joysticks and pedals
  • 7” display for user interface
  • Laptop computer
  • Option to connect separate additional desktop monitors for front and rear view
  • Option to connect additional desktop monitor for trainer interface