The many faces of Creanex Simulator

Creanex manufactured a driving simulator and software to be used as a part of the Success and Business for Culminating Vision Competence -project. The simulation environment was developed by university’s Ophthalmology and Interactive Technology research departments. The aim of the project was to develop a testing platform where visual performance during everyday activities such as driving could be evaluated. Creanex Simulator’s customizable features made it the perfect fit for the platform.


Vision has typically been assessed by conventional measures, visual acuity being the most commonly tested parameter. In addition to this, clinical vision tests mostly use high-contrast settings which do not take into account other factors that affect one’s driving abilities like contrast sensitivity. The simulator enables a more extensive evaluation of visual functioning. Examiners can, for instance, decide to test vision skills under low contrast, nighttime conditions. It also provides a comprehensive way to measure driver’s alertness and reaction ability in a safe and secure environment.


Simulaattori testiympäristössä


The huge benefit that simulator offers for the field of vision research is the possibility to create well-controlled and repeatable driving situations. The data that the simulator provides is easily measurable and mirrors the driver’s abilities in real life situations. The adaptability of the simulation circumstances ensures that the platform can be utilized in versatile case studies. It can be used to evaluate for example on how different kind of diseases, medications or even aging impacts person’s driving performance.

Creanex Simulator offers a possibility to drive both a passenger car or a van and the simulation environment includes both urban and rural environment. Examiner can create a different kind of situations to the simulation, depending on the needs. Events can be created to include a chosen amount of other factors such as a different size of animals, pedestrians, and cyclists.